Yoram Gaon On The Two State Solution

Yoram Gaon is an Israeli singer, icon and radio show host.  On his radio show, “Gaon on the Radio”, he discussed the fears he has about how a two state solution would change things on the ground.  “Gaon” in Hebrew means “genius”, and Yoram Gaon certainly lives up to his name.  In an almost eight minute monologue, Gaon expresses the fears shared by many Israelis about the conflict and what a two state solution would mean.  He mockingly repeats the mantra “I am for two states for two peoples” as do many, both in Israel and internationally.  Gaon says he’s for a two state solution, but then proceeds to ask questions about how it would look and what would happen to the people living in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem.  He wonders whether Gaza will be included in any agreement and, if not, how many states we are expected to agree to.  Gaon expresses the fear that, while most Israelis will tell you they are for the two state solution, none of them truly knows what that will mean in reality.


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