Epic Takedown: Matt Sweetwood Vs. Neturei Karta

Idiot protesters on Broadway in NYC. I had to say something… These nuts in a nutshell are the Westboro Baptist Church of Judaism. Posted by Matt Sweetwood on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Upon leaving his office in the financial district of New York City on that warm night in August, writer, entrepreneur and social media…

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Mahdi's love of Israel is unwavering

Know That I Died a Dreamer

Editor’s note: Mahdi Satri asked us to post this stating he fears for his life.  We hope that he will be ok and stay safe.  We have nothing but love and respect for him and wish him a long and happy life.  No matter what happens, you are always a hero to us and we…

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Mahdi Satri

I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab

I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab By Mahdi Satri I’m the son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim who was born in Gaza and came to Israel for political asylum. He married my Israeli Arab mother, and I was born in Tel Aviv.  A few years later, we moved to my village, a racist hateful village.  When…

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