Yoram Gaon On The Two State Solution

Yoram Gaon is an Israeli singer, icon and radio show host.  On his radio show, “Gaon on the Radio”, he discussed the fears he has about how a two state solution would change things on the ground.  “Gaon” in Hebrew means “genius”, and Yoram Gaon certainly lives up to his name.  In an almost eight minute…

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Walmart supports Israel

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers #BDSFail

Wal-Mart, one of America’s largest retailers with over 6,000 stores in the US outsources production of its Equate and Mainstays product lines to the Jewish State.  In pictures sent to us by a devoted fan, Wal-Mart products clearly and proudly show that their products are made in Israel.  Thank you to Wal-Mart for unabashedly supporting the…

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Epic Takedown: Matt Sweetwood Vs. Neturei Karta

Idiot protesters on Broadway in NYC. I had to say something… These nuts in a nutshell are the Westboro Baptist Church of Judaism. Posted by Matt Sweetwood on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Upon leaving his office in the financial district of New York City on that warm night in August, writer, entrepreneur and social media…

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Mahdi's love of Israel is unwavering

Know That I Died a Dreamer

Editor’s note: Mahdi Satri asked us to post this stating he fears for his life.  We hope that he will be ok and stay safe.  We have nothing but love and respect for him and wish him a long and happy life.  No matter what happens, you are always a hero to us and we…

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Mahdi Satri

I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab

I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab By Mahdi Satri I’m the son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim who was born in Gaza and came to Israel for political asylum. He married my Israeli Arab mother, and I was born in Tel Aviv.  A few years later, we moved to my village, a racist hateful village.  When…

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Is RE/MAX really stopping operations in Jewish “settlements”? Probably not.

On June 26, 2016, anti-Israel blog Mondoweiss posted an article claiming that real estate giant RE/MAX would no longer be doing business in Jewish “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.  This, the article claimed, was a response to calls from the The Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of the Presbyterian Church.  The church claimed that “recently taken action to…

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Felinestinian in the Old City of Jerusalem

Israel’s Cats Demand Their Own State

  Israel’s cat population has submitted a resolution to the U.N. this week demanding to be recognized as an independent state. Israel has long struggled to cope with a growing feline population. Stray cats are everywhere in Israel and number in the millions. “Cats are the indigenous people of Felinestan. We have been here since the…

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On International Law and Responsibility

          Among the slander and libel hurled at the Jewish State, the idea that Israel is an illegal colonizer of Palestinian lands is prevalent among staunch Israel-haters and antisemites.  They charge that the establishment of the Jewish State was not legal and hence, Israel is a rogue nation which skirts international law.  This, coupled…

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Campus antisemites, Lara Kiswani and Hatem Bazian

Campus Antisemites and Their Thug Tactics

    There are few groups on college campuses who would collectively bully and intimidate fellow students to spread their message.  Most groups who want to make social or political change happen meet and discuss their issues and perhaps set up a booth in common areas of the campus to hand out fliers or get…

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An Email From a Fan

Since our launch a couple of weeks ago, we have seen BDSGuide.com gain an audience and attract a lot of attention.  We are very happy to see such a keen interest in the site and thank you all for your support.  We have received emails from some of you with companies and people to add to the list…

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