bds supporter gets owned

Oh Really???

The fact that most people do not even know about these boycott Turkey campaigns speaks to the obsessive nature of the preoccupation with Jews and Israel.

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An Email From a Fan

Since our launch a couple of weeks ago, we have seen gain an audience and attract a lot of attention.  We are very happy to see such a keen interest in the site and thank you all for your support.  We have received emails from some of you with companies and people to add to the list…

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Omar Barghouti

Omar Barghouti – Portrait of a hypocrite

    One of the co-founders of BDS and outspoken mouthpiece for the movement, Omar Barghouti tours the world promoting the movement.  He speaks at universities, invited by groups that support the academic boycott of the Jewish State.  He speaks at pro-Palestinian events about the merits of boycotting Israeli products.  He is an active and…

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