An Email From a Fan

Since our launch a couple of weeks ago, we have seen gain an audience and attract a lot of attention.  We are very happy to see such a keen interest in the site and thank you all for your support.  We have received emails from some of you with companies and people to add to the list…

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Palmachim desalination plant, Kibbutz Palmachim, Israel

#BDS Activists in South Africa Choose Hate Over Water

A Johannesburg conference on South Africa’s water conference has been canceled due to protests over the inclusion of the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk.    The cancelation was touted by pro-BDS activists as a victory, but the real losers are South Africans.  While activists who supported the decision claimed that Israel’s water technology is…

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Microsoft Research Center in Haifa

Happy Birthday, Microsoft Israel!

   This year Microsoft will be celebrating it’s 25th year in Israel.  The software giant opened it’s R&D center in Haifa in 1991 and has since expanded its operations in the Jewish state immensely.  Microsoft Ventures Tel- Aviv invests in local Israeli hi-tech startups that push the limits of innovation.  The Israeli research center has academic and community outreach…

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Omar Barghouti

Omar Barghouti – Portrait of a hypocrite

    One of the co-founders of BDS and outspoken mouthpiece for the movement, Omar Barghouti tours the world promoting the movement.  He speaks at universities, invited by groups that support the academic boycott of the Jewish State.  He speaks at pro-Palestinian events about the merits of boycotting Israeli products.  He is an active and…

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Israeli Tourist Is Refused Airbnb Rental Due To Citizenship

This is a sign of the times.  Jews are being targeted for violence as well as discrimination.  The EU decision to label products produced beyond the 1967 armistice lines, the mainstream media’s distortion of the facts to demonize Israel, and the global Boycott movement’s singling out of Israel have all had their effect in Europe and…

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Honda Looks To Israel For New Technology #BDSFail

  Nick Sugimoto, senior program director of the Honda Silicon Valley Lab spoke at Jerusalem’s OurCrowd Global Investor Summit about the company’s desire to work with  Israeli companies to find new innovations for driverless cars.  The company is shopping around for technologies to make their driverless cars safer for passengers. “Israel is an interesting country…

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@JLo Being Harrassed on Twitter by #BDS

In predictable fashion, the BDS thugs have started to harass Jenifer Lopez on social media.  It was announced just last week that Jennifer Lopez was slated to play Tel Aviv and they let loose.  Most chose to send pictures of injured women and children some of which were of actual injured Palestinians, many which were…

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Looking for wines from Judea and Samaria? #bds #wine

The Mottle Wolfe show and have joined to bring you They feature twelve wines every month from Judea and Samaria.  Drink great wine while sticking it to the BDS movement. From their site: “These are the wines that are labled a ‘West Bank Settlement Product’. These are the wines that the enemies of…

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