CBS leaves out the whole attempted murder thing…

CBS focus on terrorist deaths not Israeli victims

On its website, CBS posted the story about the three Palestinians who shot and stabbed two female police officers in Israel, killing one.  The three terrorists were killed while attacking border police women. You wouldn’t know it from the headline, though.  If you depended on the headline to tell you what happened, you would think that these were innocent Palestinians who were murdered by Israelis.  The fact that the focus is on the terrorists and not on the police officers shows that CBS considers the lives of murderers to be more valuable and more important than the lives of Israelis.  CBS has since changed the headline twice after pressure from readers.  The first change read, “Israeli police kill 3 alleged Palestinian attackers.”  There was nothing alleged about this.  They shot and stabbed two officers in broad daylight.  There were several eye witnesses.  After getting backlash for the second headline as well, CBS then changed the headline to “Palestinians attack 2 Israeli officers before being killed.”

Three tries to accurately describe what happened.  This is journalism at its worst: biased, deceiving and incomplete.

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