Campus Antisemites and Their Thug Tactics

    There are few groups on college campuses who would collectively bully and intimidate fellow students to spread their message.  Most groups who want to make social or political change happen meet and discuss their issues and perhaps set up a booth in common areas of the campus to hand out fliers or get signatures for petitions.  They would never dream of interrupting someone else’s event.  But not SJP.  They have no respect for their fellow students.  SJP is a radical campus hate-group, dedicated to Israel’s destruction.  

  Students for Justice in Palestine is a hate group, founded by radical Berkeley professor, Hatem Bazian in 1993.  It has since spread like the cancer that it is across many campuses across the US and Canada.  The group holds anti-Israel demonstrations, harasses pro-Israel students and bullies others to pass resolutions to boycott and divest from companies that support Israel and from Israeli academic institutions.  They hide behind the flag of “social justice” and “human rights”, but are really just your run of the mill antisemites.  Their leaders and members constantly out themselves as antisemitic and use bully tactics and even violence to push forward their agenda.  SJP members emphatically support the BDS movement and call for others to join in on the hate.  SJP uses bullying tactics to spread its message.  Knowing that in a real debate on the issues, they would lose, these cowards instead implement a different kind of BDS strategy: Bully, Disrupt and Slander.  SJP members bully other students and even resort to violence when they feel that their message of hate is lost on their audience.  They disrupt pro-Israel events and speakers to prevent a rational discourse on the conflict.  They slander the Jewish state and those who support it.  They lie and say anything to continue the illusion that they are oppressed and are representing the oppressed. SJP brings speakers to campuses to support their cause.  They have brought murderers and terrorists to college campuses and hailed them as heroes.  Members of SJP and their leaders are vile antisemitic cowards and liars.  They care less for Palestinian rights than they do about demonizing Israel and bringing about her destruction.  They are deceitful and immoral.  Realizing they can not win a real debate on the issues, they intimidate and slander.

   SJP’s founder, Hatem Bazian is a radical antisemite who makes little effort to hide it.  A professor at Berkeley, he holds degrees in Philosophy and Islamic studies.  Basically, due to his lack of any valuable or useful skillsets, he built a career on reinforcing his own ideology.  As one student on put it, “He just teaches his own opinions”.  Bazian excuses and rationalizes violence against Israeli civilians and has even called for an intifada (violent uprising) in the U.S.  What a lovely man!  In a column he wrote on his website, Bazian proves his sick hatred by writing, “racist settlers enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound fully protected by the Israeli military demanding in a grotesque manner to share the area.” He makes it very clear that Jews are not welcome anywhere near Muslim holy sites.  All this while he decries Apartheid in Israel, a libel given to the small state to try to delegitimize it.    

   Lara Kiswani is co-founder of the UC Davis chapter of SJP.  She is also the woman behind the recent “block the boat” campaign.  Kiswani organized supporters to block a ZIM shipping liner from docking and delivering its cargo.  She said she chose the target because of its role in what she considers “the occupation” and what most people who aren’t psychopaths call Israeli independence.  “[W]e realized that Zim carried weaponry and settlers from Europe to Palestine in 1948, it has a historic role as an occupation force”, she said.  To antisemites like Kiswani, all of Israel is occupied Palestine.  Jews don’t deserve to have a state according to this racist.  The very notion of a Jewish state is what Kiswani is concerned with.  Kiswani calls for a boycott on all Israeli institutions, whether it be from 1967 occupied Palestine or 1948 occupied Palestine”.  

Lara Kiswani, Hatem Bazian and all of SJP are horrible antisemites who couldn’t care less about human rights.  They are silent when Turkey bombs Kurds.  They say nothing when the PA or Hamas commit war crimes and violate the basic rights of their own citizens.  They say nothing about Assad killing thousands of Palestinians including women and children.  In fact, they often distribute pictures from Syria of dead children and claim they are from Israel.  They are despicable, evil people and should be barred from having any official presence on any campus.

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