Calling BS on BDS – Vol 4: Genocide Libel

The “Calling BS on BDS” series originally appeared on Judean People’s Front.

From site’s About page:

“I asked for a media empire, but the Elders of Zion only gave me a Twitter account and a blog.

We here at the Judean People’s Front aim not only to rid our country of the hated Roman Occupation, but to fight against all demonization and delegitimization of Israel through facts and humor.”

“Calling BS on BDS” a spectacular take-down of the BDS Movement, picking apart their own handbook and exposing the movement’s inconsistency, dishonesty. and immorality.   We are republishing this series with permission from the Judean People’s Front.

Genocide Libel

One of the most absurd claims the BDS crowd makes is the allegation of a “Palestinian Genocide.” Any action that Israel takes in self-defense is automatically labelled genocide today, along with the baseless allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Operation Protective Edge was labeled a genocide before it even got its name and this was no different than Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense. BDS-holes use this inflammatory rhetoric not because it is accurate, but because it creates such a visceral reaction among those who hear it. Most people don’t follow the news from Israel as closely as we do, but if they hear the world “genocide” they’ll take notice and have an automatic disdain for whoever is being accused of it.

But it is important to remember that despite what BDS-holes would like, the word “genocide” does have an actual definition. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, genocide is:

acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical [sic], racial or religious group

This definition was adopted by the United Nations in 1948. So first lets examine the quintessential example of genocide:

The Holocaust

In 1933, as the Nazi regime took power in Germany, there were 9.5 million Jews living in Europe. By the end of World War II, 6 million Jews had been exterminated, leaving only 3.5 million Jews alive in all of Europe.

The Holocaust, the genocide of the Jews of Europe, resulted in the death of 63% or nearly 2/3 of all European Jews.

It is also important to remember that the only reason this number was not higher was because of the Nazi defeat and was not due to a lack of trying or intent.

Since BDS-holes love to defile the memories of the victims of the Holocaust (just as they disrespect the victims of apartheid) by comparing it to the “Nakba,” let’s examine that first:

The “Nakba”

Back in 1947 there were 1,237,334 Arabs living in the Land of Israel]( Roughly 21% of Arabs or 256,000, fled or were expelled to the surrounding Arab stateswhile the rest of the Arabs either stayed where they were or moved internally within the borders of what has been Mandatory Palestine. When it comes to every other population on the planet, such “internally displaced” peoples are not considered refugees as they are still within the area of their original “state.”

By 1950, after the war was finally over, there were 1,164,100 Arabs living in the area formerly known as Mandatory Palestine]( There were 159,100 in Israel, 765,000 in the Jordanian annexed West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and 240,000 in the Egyptian occupied Gaza Strip.

Due to the war there was 6% decrease in the Arab population of the Land of Israel, the vast majority of which were either emigrants or combatant deaths. More importantly, unlike the local Arabs and the Arabs states who openly flaunted their “intent to destroy” the Jewish population, there was no reciprocal intent to destroy on the Israeli side.

At this point in the discussion, the BDS-holes will inevitably bring up Plan D or Dalet and say this was the Israeli plan to displace and disposes the Palestinians. Those who bring up Plan D in such situations either have not read the plan themselves or are willfully lying. Dalet was a military plan drawn up during the Civil War stage of the fighting in March 1948 in anticipation of the pending invasion by the Arab states. Its main goal, which did not include expulsion, was clearly stated at the beginning:

The objective of this plan is to gain control of the areas of the Hebrew state and defend its borders. It also aims at gaining control of the areas of Jewish settlement and concentrationwhich are located outside the borders [of the Hebrew state as delineated by the unimplemented Partition Plan] against regular, semi-regular, and small forces operating from bases outside or inside the state.

Wikipedia has a very good summation of Benny Morris’s description of Plan D as a defensive operation:

The essence of the plan was the clearing of hostile and potentially hostile forces out of the interior of the territory of the prospective Jewish State, establishing territorial continuity between the major concentrations of Jewish population and securing the future State’s borders before, and in anticipation of, the invasion [by Arab states]. The Haganah regarded almost all the villages as actively or potentially hostile.

The plan was neither understood nor used by the senior field officers as a blanket instruction for the expulsion of ‘the Arabs’. But, in providing for the expulsion or destruction of villages that had resisted or might threaten the Yishuv, it constituted a strategic-doctrinal andcarte blanche for expulsions by front, brigade, district and battalion commanders (who in each case argued military necessity) and it gave commanders, post facto, formal, persuasive cover for their actions. However, during April–June [1948], relatively few commanders faced the moral dilemma of having to carry out the expulsion clauses. Townspeople and villagers usually left their homes before or during battle, and Haganah rarely had to decide about, or issue, expulsion orders….

Not only was there no intent by the Israelis to expel the Arabs, during the time Plan D was in place, expulsion orders to violently resisting Arab towns were almost never given since most areas were taken after the Arabs had already fled. Moreover, in terms of casualties, there were between 3,000 and 13,000 on the Arab side and 6,373 dead on the Israeli side. The casualties of both the Jewish and Arab sides (if we accept the highest estimate of Arabs) equal roughly one percent of the respective populations, more characteristic of a civil war than a genocide.

Holocaust v. Nakba

“Occupation of the West Bank”

The genocide libel is all the more laughable when brought against the Israeli “occupation of the West Bank.”

In 1967, when Israel took Judea and Samaria from Jordan,598,637 Arabs lived there.

As of 2014, there were 2,175,052 Arabs living in the West Bank.

That is an increase of 1,576,415 people or 263% growth!

That isn’t a genocide, that’s a population explosion!

Holocaust v. West Bank

“Occupation of Gaza”

The numbers don’t help the BDS-holes when looking at Gaza either.

In 1967, when Israel wrested Gaza from Egyptian occupation,356,261 Arabs were living there.

By 2005, when Israel unilaterally ended its occupation of the territory, there were 1,376,289 Arabs there.

That is an increase of 1,020,028 people or 286% growth!

Again, that isn’t a genocide, that’s an unheard of population boom!

Holocaust v. Gaza

Arabs in Israel

When examining the Arab population of Israel we see yet again that the exact opposite of a genocide has taken place.

In 1949, after the war ended, there were [159,100 Arabs in Israel](].

Today, in 2015, there are 1,730,000 Arabs living in Israel](

That is an increase of 1,570,900 people or 987% growth!

Holocaust v. Arabs in Israel

That’s right, under Israeli rule, the Arab population grew by nearly one thousand percent!

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