Ban Ki Moon Admits Bias Against Israel In U.N. But Is Wrong About The Reason


While Ban Ki Moon admits there is a bias against Israel in the United Nations and calls for the Jewish State to be treated equally, he also claims it is because of the “conflict” with the Palestinians.  The Secretary General is wrong in his assertion that Israel is treated unfairly by the institution he heads because of the lack of a peace agreement.  If that’s the case then why do we not see Syria being subjected to the same treatment?  Why don’t we see the same number of, if not more resolutions targeting Assad’s regime?  Where is the U.N. sponsored denial of Saudi or Iranian people’s history?  Why haven’t we seen the same treatment of the countries involved in the many ongoing conflicts in the world which have claimed far more lives than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

The reason Israel gets singled out at the U.N. has nothing to do with conflict.  The Palestinians could have had a state and ended this conflict years ago if their leadership wanted it.  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a non-sequitur.  It’s a distraction from the truth. It is a convenient cover to hide the  real reason behind the bias.  Pure, old-fashioned Jew hatred!

Pointing to the conflict as the cause of their constant barrage of condemnations against Israel is a way for antisemites in the U.N. to justify their irrational hatred of the Jewish people.  All you have to do to claim that you are only opposing Israel’s policies and you can erase Jewish history, deny Jews the right to defend themselves, and stir up hatred for the Jews.  We see it time and again… No matter the amount of unrest, no other country is held to the same standards as Israel.  The only explanation for the U.N. bias against Israel is antisemitism.  Period! And unless he admits it, Ban Ki Moon is as much a part of the bias as anyone.

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